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FAT Bikes

Check this video out on how much fun you can have on a Fat Bike

It is certainly time to get a FAT BIKE. These bikes will keep you riding outdoors all year round.
Check out our selection of fat bikes from Trek, Framed, Surly & Charge starting at $799.00,

Framed Fat Bikes45N Dillinger 5 Surly Ice Cream Truck
Fat Bike SelectionCooker Maxi 1

Today's Tip

Cycling doesn't have to be hard on your hands. Hand pain can signal that your bike needs to be adjusted for a better fit. For example, if your handlebars are too low, or your seat is too high, more weight gets transferred to your hands as you lean forward. Or, if your saddle is too far back you are also putting more weight than normal on your hands. It's also advisable on longer rides to change your hand position often. Always avoid gripping the bars tightly. This exaggerates hand discomfort. The best defense against hand problems can be as simple as a good pair of cycling gloves. These offer beneficial padding in the right places and can also help protect your hands in case you fall.

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