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CycleMania University Registration Now Open

It's that time of year again to get your hands dirty and learn more about your beloved bicycle. Registration is now open for the upcoming 2015 semester of CycleMania University. Learn more about our comprehensive maintenance classes that begin on Tuesday, January 13th and Thursday, January 15th, by downloading the registration form HERE, or by calling the shop at (207) 774-2933. Now sharpen those pencils, put on your aprons and start studying!  

FAT Bikes

It is certainly time to get a FAT BIKE. These bikes will keep you riding outdoors all year round.
Check out our selection of fat bikes from Trek, Framed & Charge starting at $799.00,

Cycle Mania Christmas Gift Ideas

Today's Tip

It's easy to understand why cyclists often forget to apply sunscreen. The air is moving over your skin as you ride, giving you a cool, comfortable feeling. Yet, since rides can take an hour to several hours to complete, this cooling breeze is fooling your senses. Your exposure to the sun is still as damaging as if you were lying on the beach for that same amount of time. Only, on the beach at least you'd turn over or get in the shade when you've had enough. On the bike, the same parts are exposed for the entire time you're riding, with little or no relief. From your neck and shoulders to your arms, legs, and your nose, all exposed areas need sunscreen to shield you from the damaging UV rays. Even on cloudy days you still need protection. Carry sunscreen with you and reapply as you need it.

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