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FAT Bikes

Check this video out on how much fun you can have on a Fat Bike

It is certainly time to get a FAT BIKE. These bikes will keep you riding outdoors all year round.
Check out our selection of fat bikes from Trek, Framed, Surly & Charge starting at $799.00,

Framed Fat Bikes45N Dillinger 5 Surly Ice Cream Truck
Fat Bike SelectionCooker Maxi 1

Today's Tip

Protect Your Peepers - Don't forget to protect your eyes with sunglasses designed for cycling. It's not just glare you should be concerned about; airborne debris from passing vehicles is hazardous, too. Quality shades provide increased safety, including slightly higher brow coverage for when you're bent over. And the UV protection means less fatigue at the end of long days in the saddle.

Trek Cannondale Cervelo Seven Cycles